Experience and Proficiency

ENCO's experience in the small hydro power sector covers:  planning for enhancement of water resources, feasibility studies and construction designing, environmental impact surveys, fares monitoring and investments attraction evaluation. Proud of its extensive knowledge of the business, ENCO coordinates and supervises construction works, picks the electromechanical suppliers guaranteeing the best results in the shortest amount of time. Small Hydro Power Plants, realized for both private corporations and public organizations, are always conceived from a technical and an economical point of view. Enco will also oversee each step of the project, ensuring the issuing of the “Green Certificates” (GSE) once the plant is completed and it will provide its clients assistance throughout the whole process and during subsequent  negotiations. Main software: HEC - RAS (River Analysis System); HEC - HMS (Hydrologic Modelling System); Mastersap Top