Research and Environmental Protection

Requests for hydraulic arrangement works of rivers and their basins have noticeably increased during the last couple of years, mostly subsequently to the always raising demand coming from local authorities in charge of monitoring the hydro geological risks in their areas. ENCO has become one of the most respected Engineering Firms by Genio Civile Authority and within Veneto Region, mostly thanks to its renown professionalism in conducting preliminary hydro-geological evaluations and hydraulic tests, without forgetting the extra scrutiny the firm always puts into of the  evaluation of environmental and landscaping aspects and the finite element method application. ENCO's reliability and proficiency, acquired during over twenty years of experience in works supervision, both play key roles during the designing process and during the construction stage as well. The firm, as another influential aspect of its philosophy, often adopts calculation codes and open source software products as technical support; the most important one is probably HEC-RAS (River Analysis System).Structural analysis is always performed aplying the finite element method. Main software: HEC - RAS (River Analysis System); HEC - HMS (Hydrologic Modelling System); Mastersap Top