ENCO has a great deal of experience in East Africa.

A sample of ENCO’s Africa portfolio includes:

Rwanda, 2015–2016-2017: Lender’s Technical Advisor for 2 Hydropower Projects.
Mauritius, 2017: Feasibility Study for the revamping of 3 Small Hydropower Projects.
Kenya, 2016-2017: Feasibility Study for 2 Hydropower Projects.
Rwanda, 2016-2017: Upgrading/revamping of 3 Hydropower Projects.
Tanzania, 2016-2017: Lender’s Technical Advisor for a 10MW Hydropower Project.
Uganda, 2016-2017: Lender’s Technical Advisor for 2 Hydropower Projects.
Tanzania, 2016: Nyoma Falls Hydropower Plant.
Tanzania, 2016: Feasibility Study of Luganga Hydropower Project.
Kenya, 2015 – 2017 : Owner’s Engineer for a 1.6 MW Hydropower Project.
Tanzania, Ruvuma Region, 2015-2016-2017: Feasibility study for the Nakatuta HPP.
Tanzania, 2013 -2014 : Feasibility study for 2 SHPPs in the Region of Njombe.
Tanzania, Tanga Region, 2013 – 2014 : Feasibility study for the SHPP on the river Nkole.
Tanzania, Tanga Region, 2012 : Consultancy services to carry out pre-feasibility studies for small Hydropower projects.
Tanzania, Msolwa, Morogoro region, 2011-2015 : Yovi Hydropower Plant.