Since 1985, when the firm carried out its first hydropower study, ENCO has been involved as consulting engineer in more than 60 projects in Italy, East Africa, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Armenia in the hydropower sector:

  • 50 realized SHPPs currently working, for a total amount of more than 150 million €
  • Pipeline of 10 feasibility studies/designs of SHPPs, including some 10MW capacity projects, for a total amount of more than 100 million €
  • 4 Feasibility studies of 4 HPP with seasonal basin, 450 million €
  • 2 Studies of hydro potentiality at a regional level (Bosnia Herzegovina and Armenia in consortium with Sogin and Decon)

ENCO’s consulting services include:

  • Site identification and investigation, data collection, flow rate analysis;
  • Pre-feasibility with preliminary economic and financial viability study;
  • Hydrological, geological and topographic surveys;
  • Feasibility study and final design, turbine type and EIA study;
  • Follow-up to obtain the necessary permissions and licenses including CDM qualification;
  • Detailed design and supervision of works;
  • Assistance to the licensee at tender stage and for the whole construction process;
  • Assistance to the licensee during the operation of the project
  • Advice to Lenders for technical due diligence